Humidor Electric Cabinet For 2300 Cigars - 250L

Humidor Electric Cabinet For 2300 Cigars - 250L

Humidor Electric Cabinet For 2300 Cigars - 250L

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Here's a concise description for the Humidor Electric Cabinet for 2300 Cigars - 250L, model JC-250CW:

Capacity: Designed to hold up to 2300 cigars within its spacious 250-liter storage space.

Design: Features a sleek black spray body with a glass door, offering a modern and sophisticated appearance.

Door Features: Equipped with a dual tempered UV-proof clear glass door with lock and key to protect cigars from harmful UV rays and ensure security.

Display: Includes an LCD display that provides real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity levels, ensuring precise control over storage conditions. 

Humidity Control: Features an automatic humidity control system with a humidify fan and PTC, maintaining optimal humidity levels for cigar storage.

Filtration: Incorporates an activated carbon filtration system to ensure air quality within the humidor. Water Management: Comes with a 2-liter water tank located at the bottom of the unit for efficient moisture management.

Drawers: Provides 5 Spanish cedar shelves with thick edges for displaying cigar boxes, enhancing the flavor of stored cigars.

Lighting: Equipped with yellow LED lights on both sides of the door, providing interior illumination to showcase the cigars effectively.

Cooling: Utilizes a compressor fan cooling system with R600a refrigerant, known for its reliability and efficiency in maintaining temperature stability.

Interior: Constructed with #201 stainless steel interior with both cooling and heating  functions to adapt to various climate types (SN/N/ST).

Dimensions: Measures W26.8" x D21.7" x H58.3" or W680mm x D550mm x H1480mm. Weight: Weighs 185 lbs or 84 kgs (net weight) and 194 lbs or 88 kgs (gross weight).

  • Voltage/Frequency: Supports a voltage range of 220-240V at 50Hz.
  • Rated Power: Consumes 185W of power during operation.
  • Temperature Set Range: Adjustable temperature range from 5℃ to 22℃ (40℉ to 72℉).
  • Humidity Set Range: Adjustable humidity levels between 60% and 85%. Packing Size: W29.5" x D24.0" x H62.2" or W750mm x D610mm x H1580mm.
  • Net Weight (N.W): 185 lbs or 84 kgs.
  • Gross Weight (G.W): 194 lbs or 88 kgs.
  • Loading Quantity: Specific loading quantities are not provided, but it is designed to maximize storage efficiency for transportation.
The JC-250CW humidor electric cabinet offers a spacious and well-equipped solution for storing a large cigar collection, with advanced features to ensure optimal conditions for preserving the quality and flavor of the cigars.

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