Large Humidor Cabinet Electric For 1000 Cigars - 138L YS-13846X

Large Humidor Cabinet Electric For 1000 Cigars - 138L YS-13846X
Large Humidor Cabinet Electric For 1000 Cigars - 138L YS-13846X

Large Humidor Cabinet Electric For 1000 Cigars - 138L YS-13846X

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The "Large Humidor Cabinet Electric For 1000 Cigars - 138L YS-13846X" seems to be a substantial and well-equipped humidor cabinet designed to cater to extensive cigar collections or commercial establishments. Here's a detailed overview of its features:

Capacity: This humidor has a larger capacity of 138 liters, accommodating up to 1000 cigars, making it suitable for larger collections or commercial use.
Cooling System: Utilizes a compressor fan and R600a refrigerant for efficient cooling, ensuring consistent temperature regulation.
Installation Options: Offers both freestanding and countertop installation options for flexibility in placement.
LCD Screen: Equipped with an LCD screen for easy monitoring and control of humidity and temperature settings.
Temperature Control: Adjustable temperature range from 16℃ to 22℃ (61℉ to 72℉), allowing users to maintain the ideal temperature for cigar storage.
Humidity Control: Adjustable humidity levels ranging from 60% to 80%, with an automatic humidity control system including a humidify fan and PTC technology.
Water Tank: Includes a 2-liter water tank with a polymer wet membrane and a water circulation system, eliminating the need to manually add water during use.
Interior Lighting: White or blue interior LED lights provide illumination, enhancing visibility within the cabinet.
Door Design: Features a dual-tempered UV-proof glass door with an invisible handle for sleek aesthetics and adjustable feet for stability on various surfaces.
Material: Constructed with Spanish Cedar Wood shelves and 3 boxes, providing an ideal storage environment for cigars. The metal cabinet ensures durability and security, and a safety lock adds an extra layer of protection.
Cooling & Heating Function: Provides both cooling and heating functions, ensuring consistent temperature regulation regardless of external conditions.
Climate Type: Suitable for use in various climate conditions, classified as SN/N/ST.
  • Voltage/Frequency: Supports a voltage range of 220-240V at 50Hz, with compatibility for 115V at 60Hz and 100V at 50/60Hz.
  • Rated Power: Consumes 85W of power during operation.
  • Unit Dimension: Measures W16.5" x D17.7" x H49" inches or 420x450x1250mm (Width x Depth x Height).
  • Packing Dimension: Dimensions for shipping and packaging are W19" x D20" x H52" inches or 475x501x1323mm.
  • Weight: Net weight is 82 lbs or 37 kgs, while gross weight is 86 lbs or 39 kgs.
  • Loading Quantity: Can be loaded into shipping containers as follows: 64 units per 20' GP, 136 units per 40' GP, and 200 units per 40' HQ.
  • Payment Term: Requires a 30% deposit with the balance settled before shipment.
  • Delivery Time: Estimated delivery time is 35-40 days after receipt of the deposit.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Certificate: Certified with CE, CB, CU, RoHS, and ERP (Class G) standards, ensuring compliance with safety and quality regulations.

Overall, the YS-13846X humidor cabinet offers a comprehensive and advanced solution for storing and preserving cigars, catering to the needs of both enthusiasts with extensive collections and commercial establishments alike.

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