Prometheus Walnut Travvel Humidor

Prometheus Walnut Travvel Humidor
Prometheus Walnut Travvel Humidor
Prometheus Walnut Travvel Humidor
Prometheus Walnut Travvel Humidor

Prometheus Walnut Travvel Humidor

السعر QAR 1,099.00
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Introducing the Prometheus Walnut Travel Humidor—a fusion of timeless elegance and practical functionality, crafted to accompany the discerning cigar aficionado on their journeys.

Exuding sophistication and luxury, this travel humidor is meticulously crafted from premium walnut wood, known for its rich color and distinctive grain patterns. Each humidor is expertly finished to showcase the natural beauty of the wood, making it a statement piece wherever your travels may take you.

Designed with the modern traveler in mind, the Prometheus Walnut Travel Humidor offers a compact and secure solution for transporting your favorite cigars. Its sleek and slim profile makes it easy to slip into a briefcase, carry-on luggage, or backpack, ensuring that your cigars remain safe and well-protected on the go.

Despite its compact size, this travel humidor provides ample storage space for a selection of cigars. The interior is lined with Spanish cedar, a wood renowned for its ability to maintain optimal humidity levels and enhance the flavors of your cigars, even while traveling.

Equipped with a reliable humidification system, this humidor ensures that your cigars stay fresh and flavorful throughout your travels. Its secure seal and durable construction provide peace of mind, knowing that your cigars are protected from external elements and ready to be enjoyed whenever the mood strikes.

Whether you're embarking on a business trip, a weekend getaway, or an adventure to far-off lands, the Prometheus Walnut Travel Humidor is the perfect companion for any cigar enthusiast. Elevate your travel experience with this luxurious and practical accessory, and enjoy the pleasure of savoring perfectly preserved cigars wherever your journey takes you.

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