Cabinet Humidors

Cabinet Humidors

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    Cigar Cabinet Humidors are essential cigar accessories for cigar enthusiasts to store pricey cigars in perfect condition. A premium quality cigar humidor will maintain proper temperature and moisture levels. This helps to keep the cigar fresh for the long term and maintain its quality. 

    Buy Cabinet Humidors if you want to get a superb quality stylish humidor that will improve the quality of your cigar with time. Cabinet Humidors are known worldwide for their superb quality and classic modern designs. They are the perfect companion for your high-quality cigar collection as they will keep it in ideal condition.

     If you want to treat yourself to a premium quality cigar humidor, get one from Cigar Square. We are the distributor of Cabinet Humidors in Doha, Qatar.

    11 products
    Small Humidor Cabinet Electric For 200 Cigars BW-35DX
    QAR 1,299.00
    Small Humidor Cabinet Electric For 200 Cigars YS-4818X
    QAR 2,999.00
    Cigar Cooler Humidor Electric Cabinet For 2000 Cigars JC-228
    QAR 5,499.00
    Cigar Cooler Humidor Electric Cabinet For 250 Cigars BW-70S
    QAR 2,499.00
    Medium Humidor Cabinet Electric For 500 Cigars - 90L YS-9332X
    QAR 3,999.00
    Large Humidor Cabinet Electric For 1000 Cigars - 138L YS-13846X
    QAR 4,999.00
    Medium Electric Humidor Cabinet For 520 Cigars - 60L - JC-60
    QAR 3,999.00
    Humidor Electric Cabinet For 430 Cigars - 85L - With Wi-Fi Remote Control
    QAR 4,999.00
    Humidor Electric Cabinet - 430L for 3500 Cigars - JC-430G
    QAR 8,499.00
    Large Electric Humidor Cabinet - 430L for 3500 Cigars - JC-430W
    QAR 8,999.00
    Small Electric Humidor Cabinet For 200 Cigars - BW-35S
    QAR 1,499.00
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