Humidor Maintenance And Warranty

Your Prometheus Humidor Passed All Demanding Tests And Inspections Set By Prometheus Quality Control

How To Maintain Your Desktop Humidor

Congratulations on your purchase of a Prometheus desktop humidor! Prometheus has been producing humidors since 1995 and our time-tested reputation for quality and modern classic designs are well known among the most discerning cigar connoisseurs worldwide. We have taken great care in designing and producing our Prometheus humidors in order to ensure that it gives our customers years of reliable and enjoyable usage. They are carefully handmade with an attention to the highest quality by our master artisans. It is uncommon that some of our users have inherited their humidors from their grandfather or father.

How To Install Prometheus Humidifier And Humidify Your Humidor

When you are ready to humidify your humidor, open the sealed plastic bag to take out the Optima humidifier. Place the Optima in a container filled with about two inches (5 centimeters) of distilled water, and as shown in the below pictures, let it float in distilled water face down for about 2 - 5 minutes. The foam inside your Optima humidifier will absorb distilled water. Please do not push down the Optima to submerge in distilled water because it will cause air bubbles to form inside the foam. Also, do not leave your Optima humidifier in distilled water for too long (more than 5 minutes). The special care solution, with which your Optima humidifier was treated, will get diluted in water, and your Optima will lose its effectiveness. If you wish, you can also pour distilled water through the slots on the front face of the Optima.

Prometheus Hygro 3

Prometheus desktop humidors come with Prometheus Hygro 3 (digital hygrometer with thermometer and date/time). Attach it to the preinstalled magnet inside of the humidor. USER MANUAL FOR PROMETHEUS HYRO 3 (PDF)

If you are setting up your Prometheus humidor for the first time, monitor the humidity level daily until the humidity level stabilizes at 70%. This will take about five to seven days. Raise the humidity level in your humidor gradually. If you wipe the interior veneer with distilled water in order to increase the humidity rapidly, it will shock the wood of your humidor and can cause your humidor lid to warp.

Once the relative humidity level reaches 70%, you can put your cigars in the humidor.

How To Clean Your Prometheus Humidor

Exterior Shiny Lacquer Finish: Clean the exterior surface of your Prometheus humidor with microfiber towel and rubbing alcohol as directed. First, gently wipe the entire exterior with a microfiber towel to remove any dust without scratching the surface. Then, wet your towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe the outside surface to remove finger prints and any other stains. You can also use your microfiber towel wet with rubbing alcohol to clean the metal hinges and plates of your Prometheus humidor. Exterior Satin Finish: Many years ago, some models of Prometheus humidors were made with satin finish. If yours is satin-finished, use a clean soft cotton towel and gently wipe the exterior surface to remove dust and stain. Do not use rubbing alcohol or any cleaning solution on Prometheus satin-finished humidors. Otherwise, you will damage the exterior finish. Cleaning Metal Plates: You can also use the microfiber towel wet with rubbing alcohol to clean the metal hinges and plates of you Prometheus humidor. Cleaning the Interior: In order to clean the interior, use fine sandpaper to remove any stains. Please make sure to sand in the direction of the wood grain. Sanding against it will leave marks. Interior Finish: Prometheus uses Okume for the interior veneer of Prometheus humidors. Some humidors are lined with Spanish cedar, but we use Okume because Spanish cedar can bleed sap whereas Okume does not. Cleaning sticky sap on the interior Spanish cedar veneer is not a pleasant task, particularly when sticky sap stains your cigars.